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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  July 26, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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women inside to other malls. -- two other malls. >> if i would have known that this incident happened at this i would have went inside with my daughter. >> it is very scary. very scary. just a malicious. >> police say the man this tracks the victims by dropping boxes or clothing and slashes the women when the least expected. >> we are all frightened about it. >> this has made a lot of people nervous. victims are all in their late teens and early twenties. there could be many more victims, if so, they need to hear from them. >> really troubling. let's give you one more look at
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the man that people -- that police are looking for tonight. anyone with information on the suspect is asked to call fairfax county police. a lot of people in the metro area are on the front lines. in separate prime-time speeches to the nation, president obama and john boehner laid out why they think the other side is holding up the deal. the president threatened to veto an emergency house legislations. we have reaction to this ongoing standoff. >> no one really knows what will happen if the u.s. government defaults on its debts. there is concerned there will be international ramifications but some folks fear they will be among the hardest-hit. the failure to work out a deal to raise the federal debt limit has a global financial markets reeling. here at home, this 76-year-old
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is worrying about her social security. >> i expect a check every month. what is going to happen to me? >> the federal government would have to double its funds and prioritize. >> i am a little concerned but not terrified. >> some federal workers your money that should go to them will wind up elsewhere. >> it will be tough for all of us. >> a default wooded banks cards. some already are scrambling to find alternative ways to keep cash flowing. one method, raise interest rates. if that happens the cost of a car loan will increase. >> the interest rates might go up for all kinds of loans. i am thinking about getting a car in the next year. i might think about getting it center. >> the dollar could get a lot lower. a weaker greenback means a
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pricier overseas vacation. >> you will not be able to buy as much stuff. tickets will go up. >> she says she barely makes it on her social security. she is confident her government will not let her down. >> it is getting close but we should not worry about these things. >> both sides were far apart at last report and the deadline keeps getting closer. temperatures spiked back into the 90's today. we could even be flirting with a 100-degree mark later this week. we have the first check of the forecast. >> even if we were 100 degrees today, it would be comfortably warm. that will all change late in the week when the temperature rises. let's get started and check out this beautiful site in annapolis. it's 88 degrees at the naval
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academy. no shortage of sailboats and joined the beautiful blue skies. 91 degrees in gaithersburg right now. 94 and the nation's capital. dew point temperatures in the low to mid 50's north and west of town. that is the key. a drop in temperatures during the early evening hours as we had overnight. clear and comfortable. i will give the the details a little bit later. that is the latest. there have been 10 unsolved arson in frederick since december. police said they might be connected. the most recent fire happened on sunday. >> you can see the damage done.
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there used to be a carport connected to this house. sunday morning it was set on fire. this is just the latest in a string of fires, small and large. it has people here very much on edge. the people live in this house career lot -- heard a loud bang. the animated of safely as the fire spread into their home. -- they made it out safely as the fire spread into their home. >> i was in my room. i looked out the window. next thing you know, someone is knocking at the door. >> it is scary because you do not know. you do not know who is doing it and why. >> those are the big questions in this neighborhood. on the street alone, there have been three houses hit by fire
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since december. this one was destroyed and has now been rebuilt. in all, there have been 10 fires. neighbors wonder when that law " run out. >> -- when bad luck will run out. >> it could be a disaster. >> evidence of arson has been scarce so far. no arrests have been made. >> you feel at night since the first fire. it seems like when you go to bed, you feel insecure. you do not feel like you are safe. >> just a few moments ago we saw a group of investigators in a house in the neighborhood questioning somebody that came out with evidence. they ask that we not show them on television because they are under cover. they declined to comment but there is a desire to catch whoever is behind these fires
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before somebody gets hurt. >> the washington humane society is offering a reward to find a person who shot an innocent dog. he was shot last week behind his family's southeast washington home. she is now recovering at home. they are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the rest. some metro stations will have a need -- will have new names by the time next year. in june of 2012, 11 stations will debut new names. the rest of the old names listed below. for a full list of the name changes, look for the story on a gas leak forced firefighters to evacuate an
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apartment complex. crews were called out to the high rise in college park this afternoon. the situation was brought under control. there is no word on what caused the leak. nearly a dozen people are recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning. around 1:00, firefighters evacuated the building. emergency crews took 11 people to the hospital. officials blamed a faulty wire it -- water heater for that league. the u.s. postal service's money problems could lead to closings. dozens of facilities in virginia maryland, and the district are being considered for the chopping block. we are live in alexandria tonight with the details. >> a lot of local neighborhood post offices are at risk of being shut down. a lot of the customers say they do not want to see this happen. with so many ways to conduct
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business many people say that this comes as no surprise. she has been going to the local post office for more than 30 years. >> it is a treasured institution. >> this community staple may be going away. >> that is where a lot of us get our mail from. >> the u.s. postal service says it cannot afford keeping the doors open at its nearly 32,000 offices nationwide. >> e-mail has taken over. >> here is how the list break down. in virginia, 95 stations are on the list to be studied. 42 stations in maryland and 19 stations in the d.c. >> it will put more burden on
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some of the other spots. >> air lot of us depend on the post office right there. >> using the internet is not an auction. >> i do not have access to the internet at home. i depend on the post office. they do a lot of my deliveries. >> he would be sad to see is local post office go but he understands it is a sign of the times. >> people have to make decisions based on something more than that. >> the u.s. -- usps is looking at ways to cut costs. having small businesses offering services. these are just ideas nothing is a done deal. >> for a full list of the post office closings -- closings in jeopardy, go to our website
5:11 pm coming up, tough talks for montgomery county teenagers as they try to impose curfews. >> i ran over to her. >> it was too late. the shark had taken a bite out of this six-year-old's like. >> big changes to coming to mcdonald's happy meals. >> outraged over a mother facing more jail time for her son's death.
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sentencing took place in a case that generated nationwide outrage. >> how could a mother that was convicted in the death of her four-year-old son face more jail time than the driver who hit him? >> she said she was shocked to be here, convicted of killing her four-year-old son because she was jaywalking when someone else driving a car hit him. >> she is entirely on probation.
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>> this was a bittersweet relief. she got 12 months probation and 40 hours of community service. she could have received up to three years in prison after a jury found her guilty of vehicular homicide. >> i am walking out of here. i do not think i could be even more satisfied than that. >> the driver you admitted hitting the boy and speeding away served only six months in jail. he had two prior hit and run convictions on his record. and this case, they were coming home from a birthday party. the bus drops them off in front of their apartment and the closest crosswalk was a third of a mile away. she chose to cross the four-lane road. defense lawyers said prosecutors have the right to charge her under georgia law. >> placing a child in a position where he or she is hurt and the
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balance that with the fact with what the parent is going through because they have lost the child. >> receiving the maximum sentence would have been three years away from her surviving children. >> friends and family gathered in london today to say their goodbyes to amy winehouse. she died saturday at the age of 27. her father says he plans to set up the foundation in hopes of helping others that bottles substance abuse. we are hearing from the victim of a shark attack in north carolina. she was playing in water that was just 18 inches when a five- foot shark attacked her. her parents heard her scream and came running to help. she nearly lost her right leg. >> it stayed there.
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>> as they were caring her off the beach, she asked her father if they could say a prayer for her leg. her doctors say she will need physical therapy for several weeks, but they expect her to make a full recovery. >> that is amazing. the nfl lockout is finally over. today, the washington redskins returned to work. the training camp does not officially begin until thursday. the front office was busy today. we will have more on what is sure to be a frenzied countdown until kickoff. i doubt it was the first person in the door today. -- find out it into the west -- who was the first person to walk in the door today. the risk of infection from
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west nile virus is low and the virus generally does not cause an advocate sentence but it can be dangerous to older people. >> one of the benefits of the weather being so hot is that we do not go outside to be exposed to the heat. >> this is as good as it gets in late july. we have one more day of this system and then it is back to the old familiar humid stuff. i will tell you what we have. take a look at the frederick maryland. nothing more than a few spare whether clouds at most. denali, it has been -- generally, it has been clear skies. there is absolutely no chance of rain today. no chance of rain tonight. no chance of rain tomorrow. i will not save much more than that. at the end of the week, the
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chances will pick up as the atmosphere becomes a bit more unstable. 95 degrees right now in the winchester. this is due totally from the relative humidity. very comfortable weather. 94 in the nation's capital. air temperatures across the mid- atlantic, all under control of high pressure. that is why they are 75 degrees in boston. it is a very comfortable but there is plenty of hot air out there. when you have numbers and a lover 50's 4 do points -- for dew points, it feels very comfortable. that combination is rather uncomfortable. a big look at temperatures right now. 102 in oklahoma city.
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this is the air mass that is building back. it is not as intense. instead of saying he to values of 125, we are seeing them 106. high-pressure and the satellite's radar with clear skies. all the activity is around the edges of the area of high pressure. the same system is going to turn personalities honest. -- on us. by thursday, it will move off the coast. the heat and humidity starts to build right back in. by the weekend, isolated thunderstorms are a possibility. 82 in the city. we will wake up at 68 degrees.
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94 on the first near 100 degrees on friday. if you are away from your television and you need information, it is not a problem. you'll be able to track the weather any time. all kinds of interesting features. >> do you know what would be really fun and taxing all of that in the -- on an ipad. we're going to give away another one. >> go to the deadline to enter is wednesday at 4:00. we will announce the winner wednesday at 5:00. here is a look at what is coming up tonight in prime time.
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>> coming up, to maryland women arrested for the murder of a 71- year-old man. >> i like how it comes with a toy. >> there will be some changes to happy meals. there'll be something else missing.
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happy meals have been a staple for many children's diet for many years now. mcdonald's is making some changes to happen mail. they are the ingredients for happiness for kids then and now. ronald mcdonald and his famous happy meal makes kids happy. >> i like how it comes with a toy. >> if the ingredient have not changed, the times have. the happy meal is getting smaller. >> one of the problems we have is that the portions are so much bigger than they used to be. bucks>> this parent is thrilled that they will come with apple's. the change comes after it not so
5:26 pm
happy critics pointed out not one happy meal combination that nutritional standards. the new combination has 20% fewer calories, 15% less sodium, and 20% less saturated fat. >> i still think it is a lot of calories. >> as for the parents we talked to --that is what the toy is today. even some of the harshest critics are happy about the happy meal. an important step in the right direction. coming up, the family turns to a psychic for answers about his murder. police are taking notice of what they have learned. >> a maryland man was killed. police say his stepdaughter and
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you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> two maryland women are behind bars tonight accused of killing a 71-year-old man. >> two women are in police custody and one of the suspects is the victim stepdaughter.
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>> we are hearing there were some serious problems between this man and a stepdaughter. the man worked as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. he was a dishwasher in their working saturday night around 9:00. that is the last time anyone saw him. then he turned up here at the river. people lived near this house say they heard arguing all the time. then came the threats to kill. the 45-year-old charlene weddle and her girlfriend are charged with killing him bread -- killing him. >> the 71-year-old was found and the river by a fisherman sunday morning. he had blunt force trauma to his head and he had been asphyxiated. autopsy reports showed that he
5:31 pm
has cutting wounds from his head and his hands. >> he was good to everybody the whole neighborhood. >> he was most likely killed in his home because blood was found inside. they also say nichols was transported in a van, the same van the stepdaughter was seen driving. >> i think it is sad. >> at this point investigators say they are not sure why he was killed. they're still looking for a motive in his murder. right now, but women are behind bars. they will be there until they go to court next month. time to update tonight's top stories. the search is on for eight man who attacked five young women as they shopped at local malls. colitis report came last night at fair oaks mall. -- the last report came last night at fair oaks mall.
5:32 pm
there appeared to other incidents at the mall and two other reports at tysons corner. investigators are looking into arsons just out -- in frederick, maryland. they damaged homes early sunday morning. no one has been hurt and no arrests had been made. >> president obama at present to veto republican-backed house legislation. he also announced that he will soon be meeting with veterans services organizations to discuss what might happen with benefits if a deal is built to meet -- a deal is failed. we are live from silver spring with what they had to say. >> the chief of police and the county executive are concerned about a recent increase in gang activity that has turned violent in the county. teenagers we talked with today in montgomery county are not
5:33 pm
happy with the thought of a curfew. >> i do not think it is fair. >> 11:00 on weekdays and midnight on weekends. >> it is just too early. >> regardless, we will be out anyway. >> the estate is necessary and that is why they are proposing this a new law. the chief testified at a public hearing today. >> the chief points to an uptick in late night -- late night news crime all over the county. >> i think we need a lot that strikes the right balance. >> jurisdictions around montgomery county have curfews. in the fourth of july incident, at banks from those jurisdictions mets in silver spring for a late night fights. a 17-year-old girl was stabbed. the parents of any child under 18, is breaking curfew was liable. >> i do not have a problem with
5:34 pm
that. >> business owners whose serve children would be responsible for getting out -- getting them out of their businesses. >> i see some problems with the teenagers' late at night. there are a few bad apples. you hate to punish all the kids. >> the proposed curfew law could be voted on by the council and the fall. the cats adoption room at a local animal shelter is reopening after a virus wiped out the entire catch population. in june, and not break forced the fairfax county animal shelter to euthanize all 80 of the cats. to celebrate the reopening the shelter is extending the cap adoption event through august. the idea would have banned children under the age of eight
5:35 pm
form entering dog parks and require. supervision for children age 8- 14. after hearing from residents the current regulations are enough to keep kids safe. time for a check of the traffic situation. >> on southbound 395, we are seeing a bit of delay on washington boulevard. westbound 66 slow past 123. taking a look at the beltway right now. we are dealing with some significant delays on the outer loop of the beltway. we have some slow traffic between the 270. the inner loop is slow from the george washington parkway. from old georgetown road to georgia avenue, you can see those delays.
5:36 pm
coming up, one of the teenagers' attacked by a bear in alaska is now talking from his hospital bed. >> everybody is working hard. we are hoping for a win. >> at 6:00, it is no secret that the anacostia river needs to be cleaned up.
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hundreds of students are working around the clock. >> they were selected to compete. the all local team is maryland. maureen bunyan brings us a sneak preview of their solar home. >> this competition challenges teams to design and build a solar power that our energy efficient, affordable, and attractive. this is the fourth time that the university of maryland is competing. the university of maryland's solar capelin home might be
5:40 pm
entirely powered by the sun. >> that generates all our power. >> it is focused on water. >> we drew a lot of inspiration from the chesapeake bay. >> the students say that is what they're -- what sets their house apart and the competition. they designed the two-minute home with sloping roofs connected by a bathroom. >> it allows us to put solar panels on a one group and a green growth on the other group. >> rainwater would be filtered. >> water that goes there are holding tanks should be cleaner than the rain water coming out of the sky. >> a second section would collect gray water from the home. but you can look down that and visually see it where the water is going. >> native maryland plant and an edible garden walls around the home -- would cost around the
5:41 pm
home. >> it goes through a cooking process where it is heated up to 450 degrees. it makes it less susceptible to rocking and insects and weathering. but there is still a lot of work to be done, but the team is excited to compete. >> i think we have a great house. >> it is possible that the school mascot could make a surprise appearance. >> maybe if we build this well enough, one will wander out of the potomac. >> the team hopes to complete building the house next week. before the big competition, they will disassemble the home, take it to the national mall, and reassemble it there. it takes place september 23- october 2 at west potomac park. of next, there is a baby
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a family desperate for hours is turning to the super natural for clues. >> police are taking the new information generated seriously. >> it is certainly something more often seen in movies. could the unsolved murder be solved by it for clairvoyance? >> i will grab any hope that i can grab. >> that hope rested and the grieving father's hands. it is a play-by-play report from a seance. >> he refused to give any to
5:46 pm
this person. >> new leads include a possible motive and a possible description of the suspects that shot and killed him. >> his mother is convinced. >> i know christopher. some of the things i said, i believe it. >> he was going to be a junior at old dominion university. more than 66 ago he was shot and killed in his off-campus house. -- more than six weeks ago he was shot and killed in his off- campus house. the case is unsolved. his sister saw the help of four psychics in boston and held a seance last week. >> this information has been given to the police. the license plate number. >> police are not ignoring the information. >> regardless of who they come
5:47 pm
from we used tips, we follow leads. >> there is a possibility that it is crazy but there is a possibility that it is not. >> he has only known the department to use information from psychics on to other locations. on both occasions those leads turned out to not be so helpful. but nothing surprises him anymore. a lot could soon come under consideration in front of the virginia general assembly. it would require parents to notify authorities no more than 24 hours after a child is missing. feeling to do so would become a felony. she was gone for 31 days before her family reported the disappearance. her body was discovered near grandparents' home. her mother was acquitted earlier this month. bob mcdonnell signed a lot
5:48 pm
today to help keep streets safer for drivers. this law is named after a 33- year-old, she was killed in 2008 when a police officer drove through a red light and hit her car. there is a new place to watch movies online. walmart. the world's largest retailer is launching a movie screening service on its web site. many are available the same day they come out on dvd. some local students went on a back-to-school shopping spree today. the salvation army teamed up with a fairfax county police officers. each shopper received an $80 gift card courtesy of target.
5:49 pm
it is also looking for financial donations. the summer is bringing a baby boom at the national zoo. that includes cheetah cubs a female deer fawn. she was born on saturday. for a photo gallery, go to our website, let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> maureen bunyan and joins us with a look ahead. >> tonight at 6:00, another name is added to the list of officials. the mayor is putting in his 2 cents. hear what he is saying about the scandal. the state department is raising the red flags for anyone traveling abroad.
5:50 pm
i bet there were the only ones that love the weather around here. >> it is only getting worse that is the problem. >> if you have to have a day of 95-degree weather, this is the day to do it. dew point temperatures low enough for it feels a couple of degrees cooler. we are getting a break. let's get you started. look at congressional country club just a gorgeous afternoon trade temperatures and the bethesda area and a lower at 90's right now. throughout the day, golfers have come and gone. nothing more than a passing clouds in the sky. 91 degrees in gaithersburg, 94 degrees in the district. so far this year, we have hit the 90-degree mark 33 times including today. this time last year, it was 42
5:51 pm
times. we will see if we get to their this year. clear and comfortable through the evening hours. temperature is 63-71 by tomorrow morning. as the guest for the day, we will climb up near 90. -- as we get through the day, we will climb up near 90 degrees. 100 degrees on friday. we will have more about our weather coming up in a little bit. a big deal at redskins park today. >> time to get back to business. following the celebration organized chaos broke out. teams putting veterans to ditch under the salary cap. -- teams cutting the veterans to get under the salary cap. the doors were unlocked and the players were back at the facilities today. kevin barnes was the first guy
5:52 pm
to the doors. would be locked out lifted and the doors unlocked, it was like the first day of school. >> it feels really good. everybody is happy. it is like a family back together. >> i do not have cable and my house. >> it did not take long for questions to surface about albert haynesworth and donovan mcnabb. a soap opera that the redskins want to avoid. >> this year, we are not going to go through all that nonsense. i do not even want to discuss it. >> tomorrow, the players will officially vote on the new collective bargaining agreement and take physicals. the first mandatory practice is friday and a lot has to be done in a very short amount of time. >> our team is going to look different.
5:53 pm
i do not think it is a secret. it is all about putting together the best team that you can. >> that is what they're doing right now. you can go to for training camp of dates and schedules. the redskins are about $20 million under the salary cap. they are trying to deal donovan mcnabb and albert haynesworth. it is going to be crazy. philip b. cannon is also a free agent. -- buchanan is also a free agent. they definitely need a wide receiver. it is crazy right now. they have 10 days to work with the free agents. >> 10 days. >> 10 days of christmas for you. you're going to love every
5:54 pm
minute of it. >> it is like speedskating. -- is like speed dating. >> attacked by a grizzly bear and sharing his story from a hospital bed. >> curious amazing story.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
one of the campers that was mauled by a grizzly bear is well enough to talk about the attack. >> he says he thought that he was going to die but was determined to survive. >> his midsection crisscrossed with gashes. two broken ribs and a punctured lung. he had no idea a survival training course would be a matter of life and death. >> i remember running into looking behind me and send this huge grizzly bear. >> 100 miles north of anchorage
5:58 pm
alaska they were nearing the end of the wilderness course. there were hacking near a stream and surprised a grizzly bear. >> he was about 900 pounds. >> i have this chest wound. i was trying to hold might bread's because i could see blood coming out. -- my ribs because i could see blood coming out. >> the bear attacked for teenagers, leaving the remaining three to set up camp, care for the injured, and call for help. >> they took off garbage bags and wraps it around right lung was. >> several hours later help a family arrived in the form of a helicopter. the teenagers' survived, their bodies forever bearing the scars. >> i am extremely lucky. i am so lucky.
5:59 pm
that is abc 7 news at 5:00. one week to vote for the nation state would default. see why the president is threatening a default. new information on the suspect in a deadly attack in norway. find out what his attorney is saying about the confessed killer. more calls for harry thomas to step down. the mayor finally speaks on the controversy. captioned by the national captioning institute live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6 on your side. our big story, time is ticking and veto threats are flying from the white house. >> there is one week left to keep the nation from falling into a financial crisis. the president said he will be to a house built on the issue. john boehner is struggling to get the votes needed to pass it and the first place.


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